5. Education for the Rights and Duties of Future Generations


The Normandy Chair for Peace strongly believes that education for peace, environment and human rights is the best way to raise awareness about protecting our future.  We must educate our generations to take action and to be rationally and emotionally aware citizens as evoked in the 2030 Agenda of Sustainable Development. If we do so people would be working together for a better future for All and for the Planet. Therefore, programmes for schools and universities will be co-created by the Normandy Chair for Peace under this philosophy.   

Among our projects we have the creation of an original Master’s Degree Programme on Law for Future Generations in Normandy, in collaboration with the University of Pace, New York. “The Elizabeth Haub Law School at Pace University NY” is one of our closest collaborates. Together we draw the lines, dimensions and scopes to be included in this diploma: high level teaching components in international, regional, national and environmental law; the integration of a branch specialising in the rights of nature and animals; a good grasp of current ethical, legal and judicial transformations, etc.

We are also developing educational material, such as the “Peace with the Earth- Educational Kit” that will include different didactic material for teaching students in primary and secondary school. This kit aims to bring knowledge within inspiration to students through audio-visual material, educational games, illustrative books, and experiential dynamics.

The NCP also collaborates with experts in the Canary Islands, who are pioneers in the area of Environmental Education. For instance, an initiative brought forward by commander Cousteau, the University of La Laguna and UNESCO created the very first draft Declaration of Human Rights of Future Generations. A project that will cooperate with the Earth Charter at the United Nations University for Peace in Costa Rica. We plan to trial this educational programme in primary and secondary schools, as well as other educations centres.                     Education will help to achieve positive transformation in our minds, but also in our hearts. In the spirit of Tony Oposa, we make a call not only on promoting learning on ‘how to do better’, but on ‘feeling empathy for the Earth and for others’ to reach these targets. As our vision states, we seek to: advance interdisciplinary ‘knowledge and understanding’ aligned to the Sustainable Development Goals. Education (SDG-4) is the key to accomplish every other goal. We invite you to be part of this worldwide movement to achieve Peace on Earth, through being

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