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The Joy and Journey of Jun (Factoran)

Storytelling In March 1990, 43 Filipino children – acting on their own behalf and on behalf of generations yet unborn — wrote a letter to then-DENR Secretary Fulgencio (Jun) Factoran. The kids demanded that...


Meeting with researchers from the National University of Colombia: perspectives on peace, the environment and the rights of future generations

Meeting between the Chair’s research team and the main research professors in this field: Humberto Torres, Dean of the Faculty of Law at the National University. Catalina Toro, Research Professor, Doctor of Legal Sociology...


Meeting with members of the French Institute of Andean Studies in Colombia (IFEA), the Institute of the Americas’ Andean hub (IdA) and the French Embassy in Colombia

By Luis-Miguel Gutiérrez and Claudia Pineda 18 February 2020 – 14:30 25 February 2020 – 16:00 (video conference) French Embassy in Colombia, Bogota Meeting between the research team of the Chair and members of...