3. Climate Justice


All over the world, especially since 2015, action for climate justice is under way. Fighting for justice in the name of future generations has become a new specialist legal field. Although the first steps were taken by Tony Oposa in 1993 in the well-known case: Oposa vs. Factoran, this unusual type of legal action was not pursued for a long time. Climate justice is something that affects us all, and for this reason citizens are coming together and seeking the help of lawyers and scientists to push for progress. This is a sign of progression in the rights of future generations, which is applied today, but with a view to the long term future.

The time has come to act for future generations. For this reason the Normandy for Peace Chair has given its support to Tony Oposa and Professor Robinson’s initiative entitled “I am Climate Justice”.

This is an ambitious project which inquires an advisory opinion to the International Court of Justice so that it is able to hold countries to account with regards their climate responsibilities. Aided by scientific diplomacy (drawing up a draft resolution to be voted upon by the United Nations General Assembly), alongside mobilisation on the part of civil society, the Normandy for Peace Chair hopes to lay the groundwork for future laws. This was used as the topic for a Tony Oposa Moot Court at the UICN World Congress at the Hawaii Supreme Court.

In order to support this scientific diplomacy work, we are launching an online petition for civil society to support this process of referring the matter to the ICJ : I am Climate Justice : petition.

Tony Oposa Intergenerational Moot Court – Sept 1, 2016

Documents presented to the United Nations General Assembly

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