Documentary film screening: Terra Libre

5th December 2019 – 6:30 pm
Museo Nacional de Antropología – C/Alfonso XII, 68 – Madrid

A film by Gert-Peter Bruch – Produced by Planète Amazone (125’)

Screening followed by a meeting with:

  • Gert-Peter Bruch (Planète Amazone, Alliance of Mother Nature’s Guardians)
  • Mindahi Crescencio Bastida Muñoz (Otomí-Toltec, Mexico), Center for Earth Ethics, Alliance of Mother Nature’s Guardians.
  • Ninawa Huni Kui (Huni Kui – Acre, Brazil), Federation of the Huni Kui, Alliance of Mother Nature’s Guardians


  • Normandy Chair for Peace (University of Caen Normandy, CNRS, Normandy Region)
  • RIVERS PROJECT (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid)

Ravaged by our predatory development model, the Amazon rainforest, the planet’s green lung, burned, devastated, is in agony. Its disappearance and that of other threatened natural environments would not give us any chance to the fight against climate change, which rightly frightens the international community. As the sentinels of this final frontier before chaos, the indigenous peoples are engaged in an unprecedented mobilization to survive and try to save us, in spite of us.

This film tells the story of their struggle, through which nothing less than the fate of humanity is played out. TERRA LIBRE is not only a cry of alarm, it is a call to awaken consciences, with the guardians of the living world as guides.

In 2014, Gert-Peter Bruch, founder of French NGO Planète Amazone, initiated the production of TERRA LIBRE, conceived as a reference feature film on the international mobilization of Brazil’s indigenous peoples, including legendary chief Raoni Metuktire, who serves here as a common thread for the events reported.

The material of this groundbreaking film consists of several hundred hours of rushes spread over nearly four years of shooting, as well as exceptional archive images. Committed for 30 years to the Amazon, Gert-Peter Bruch, makes us experience from the inside the inspiring mobilization of the sentinels of the struggle to protect the Earth. They are joining forces with renowned environmentalists such as Paul Watson (Sea Shepherd) and Nicolas Hulot to create an inspiring new movement before our eyes, the Alliance of Mother Nature Guardians, and to propose a new roadmap for a drifting humanity.

Gert-Peter Bruch’s logbook is the storyline of an immersion whose main points of attachment are development projects (such as the Belo Monte dam) or laws (PEC 215) challenging the constitutional rights of indigenous peoples to land, and major international meetings of the UN – Rio+20 (2012) and COP 21 (2015) – demonstrating the failure of States to reconcile «sustainable development» and the fight against climate change.

TERRA LIBRE’s scathing observation makes it possible to better understand the rise in power of the climate skeptics Jair Bolsonaro and Donald Trump and to put into perspective Emmanuel Macron’s «Make our planet great again».

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