Legal indicators of law for future generations

Seminar on Legal Indicators for the Environment – MRSH- Caen, November 22nd-23rd  2019

Scientific leaders :
Michel Prieur,
Professor Emeritus at the University of Limoges
Scientific Director of the CRIDEAU
Honorary Dean of the Faculty of Law and Economic Sciences of LIMOGES
President of the International Centre for Comparative Environmental Law (CIDCE)

Emilie Gaillard,
Lecturer in Private Law, Sciences Po Rennes
Coordinator of the Normandy Chair for Peace
Partner: International Centre for Comparative Environmental Law (CIDCE)

Project objectives

To study the legalisation of the law for future generations, as its theoretical and practical consequences on environmental law, human rights and society.

To develop a scientific measurement of the implementation of the rights of future generations using legal indicators of effectiveness. Thanks to legal indicators, public authorities and citizens are given a readable tool for the scientific evaluation of public policies so that they can no longer carry out “blind” reforms.

This project will build on Professor Michel Prieur’s unprecedented work published in 2018 by the Francophone Institute of Sustainable Development (IFDD), an agency of the International Organisation of the Francophonie (OIF), entitled “Legal indicators, tools for assessing the effectiveness of environmental law” (Les indicateurs juridiques, outils d’évaluation de l’efficacité de droit de l’environnement).

On November 22nd and 23rd, we will bring together researchers who have worked on legal indicators in France and abroad to place the state of the art and plan the action to be carried out within the Normandy Chair for Peace in order to promote and test legal indicators in the field of the rights of future generations.


Friday 22nd of November

9h30    – Opening by Emilie Gaillard, Coordinator of the Normandy Chair for Peace, and Lecturer at Sciences Po Rennes.

  • Round table of participants
  • Presentation of the Chair and its research themes

10 h      –  History of legal indicators by Michel Prieur, Professor Emeritus and President of the CIDCE.

  1. The experiments


  1. Brazil: by Fernanda Cavedon Capdeville, Doctor of Law, Research Fellow at the Federal University of Santa Caterina, Florianopolis.

11h15    Pause


  • France : by Boris Barraud, Doctor of Law, Interdisciplinary Laboratory of Law, Media and Social Change, Aix-en-Provence.


  • Portugal : by Alexandra Aragao, Professor at the University of Coimbra, CIDCE National Correspondent for Portugal.

13h     Lunch


  • Seminar about Jerusalem and the effectiveness of the law by Julien Bétaille, Lecturer, Toulouse, National Correspondent of the CIDCE for France.


  • The  Organisation of American States (OAS) and Human Rights, by Fernanda Cavedon Capdeville.


  • Measuring the effectiveness of international law and the experience of the Barcelona Convention: by Jose Juste-Ruiz, Lecturer of International Law at the University of Valencia, Member of the Barcelona Convention Compliance Committee, ICED National Correspondent for Spain.


  • Research Institute for Development (IRD) and Law of the Sea, by Marie Bonnin, Doctor of Law, Research Fellow at the Research Institute for Development, IRD, Brest and Odeline Billaut, IRD, Brest.

17h  Pause


  • Tunisia : by Leila Chikhaoui, Lecturer at the Faculty of Law of Tunis, University of Carthage, Member of the Provisional Authority for the Constitutionality Review of Draft Laws, National Correspondent of the CIDCE for Tunisia.

18h    Research on “Legal indicators, tools for assessing the effectiveness of environmental law” OIF-IFDD, UN Environment, IUCN, ECOWAS, CIDCE by Michel Prieur.

18h45   Mathematical measurement of legal indicators and simulation on Costa Rica’s decarbonization plan by Christophe Bastin, Engineer, SIC Nouvelle Aquitaine, Scientific Advisor of the CIDCE Indicators Programme.

19h45  Dinner

Saturday 23rd of November

  1. Debate on objectives and methods

9h    Debate on the objectives of legal indicators and the links with the law of future generations: Alfredo Pena Vega, Doctor of Sociology, Edgar Morin Centre, EHESS.

10h   Debate on the methods : Christophe Bastin, Engineer.

11h   Pause

    III.   Chair work plan: Promotion and experimentation of legal indicators in international and national law

  11h15       Ongoing and planned activities, by Michel Prieur

  11h45       The four-year programme

  12h15       Lunch

14h   IV. International meeting in 2020: Choice of themes and participants

  • Multidisciplinary theoretical foundations
  • Practical illustrations in international and comparative law
  • Choice of date, place (Château Cerisy) and duration

 15h15     V. Participation in international forums

  • participation in the UN Oceans Conference in Lisbon, June 1st-5th 2020
  • participation in the IUCN Congress, Marseille, June 11th -19th 2020
  • participation in the COP 15 on biodiversity in Beijing in October 2020

16h   Review and closure

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