Discussion On The Historic Decision of april 2021 of the German Federal Constitutional Court

The Normandy Chair of Excellence for Peace is honored to invite you to a time of exchange on this unexpected decision, widely hailed as historic, rendered by the German Federal Constitutional Court, which was made public on April 29.

Friday, May 14, 3-5pm 

Simultaneous translations in English and Spanish 

The decision found that the German government’s climate action was insufficient, notably because it lacked details on emission reduction targets beyond the year 2030.

In many ways, this is a landmark decision in which the German Federal Constitutional Court is exercising control over our fundamental duties to future generations.

This is an echo and a Momentum for the Chair, which is carrying out scientific outreach work on the theme of the transgenerational reading of fundamental rights and the development of a right of future generations. 

It is an opportunity to bring together specialists in constitutional environmental law, European environmental law, climate justice and the rights of future generations.

In conclusion, the question of setting up a new planetary solidarity to take care of our common future is raised…

The event, organized by the Normandy Chair of Excellence for Peace will be accessible at the following link: https://zoom.us/j/97448778678?pwd=aURhNDNLeVdiYjhrRGdzbmYxMVlQQT09

ZOOM MEETING ID: 974 4877 8678 – PASSWORD : 595600


Emilie GAILLARD, General Coordinator of the Normandy Chair for Peace, MCF HDR Private Law ScPo Rennes, ARENES UMR 6051

“General presentation and transgenerational readings of fundamental rights and duties in the German Federal Constitutional Court’s ruling”

Laurent FONBAUSTIER, Associate Professor of Law, Jean Monnet Faculty, University of Paris-Saclay, IEDP.

“Copernicus constitutionality: post-contemporary holism versus possessive individualism?”

Corinne LEPAGE, Lawyer, President of Cap 21, Minister of the Environment (1995-1997), Member of the European Parliament (2009-2014)

“Cross reading with the Universal Declaration of the Rights and Duties of Humanity”,

Françoise TULKENSLawyer, researcher, professor of criminal law and judge at the European Court of Human Rights from 1998 to 2012

“The entry of the environment at the European Court of Human Rights”

Christian HugloLawyer, Doctor of Law and specialist in environmental law and public law, specializing in particular in international cases of pollution and environment 

“Putting into perspective the worldwide evolution of climate litigation”

Mireille DELMAS MARTY, Lawyer, professor, member of the Institut Universitaire de France, holder of the Chair “Comparative legal studies and internationalization of law” at the Collège de France, (2002 to 2011) “The two faces of planetary solidarity”

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