The Good Stories Movement: To Care, Protect and Restore the Life Sources (5th SIMPI Conference)

Antonio Oposa, leader of the Normandy Chair for peace, spoke at the 5th Annual International SIMPI Conference, hosted by Far Eastern University, Manila, Philippines on October 28-30, 2020 via ZOOM.

The conference aims to convene academics, researchers and practitioners to engage and discuss current practices, undertakings, and issues in connection with this year’s conference overarching theme, “Respecting Environment and Diversity: Developments in Current Times.”

Developments in different industries and infrastructures should not come at the expense of social beings and the environment. Hence, the theme intends to bring to the forum viable sustainability programs needed and/ or being practiced by organizations to optimize opportunities in doing business, while reducing risks with respect to environment. The same way, it also aims to capture designing, planning and building strategies which developers of infrastructures employ to achieve certain levels of ecological balance. Crucial to development is the mobility and convergence of unique individuals as demanded by economic and business activities, hence the theme also seeks to cover practices that contribute to safe, inclusive and nurturing work environment.

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