Les rencontres du développement durable (Meetings on sustainable development)

Émilie Gaillard, General Coordinator of the Normandy Chair for Peace, was a speaker during the event, Les rencontres du développement durable.

Round table #3 “Partager la Terre, rendons la justice” (Share the planet, deliver justice)

The concept of environmental justice has always been part of reflections on sustainable development. Numerous proposals have been considered: from the establishment of ecocide as a crime to the idea of making nature a subject of positive law. From International Criminal Court reforms to the drafting of a global pact for the environment, intellectuals and legal actors have shown great interest in this issue. But at a time when multilateralism is failing, caught between American nationalism and Chinese opportunism, is environmental justice still possible? Moreover, do political solutions offer a sustainable and effective response to the need to sanction those who damage nature? We invite you to reflect upon these questions at Les rencontres du développement durable, organised online in collaboration with KEDGE Business School.

  • Clémentine Baldon, Lawyer and Expert Associate at the Fondation pour la nature et l’homme
  • Emilie Gaillard, Senior Lecturer at Sciences Po Rennes, General Coordinator of the Normandy Chair for Peace. 
  • Hélène N’Garnim-Ganga, Director of the Department for Political and Citizen Transitions at the French Development Agency (AFD)
  • Moderator: Virginie Salmen, Europe 1

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