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Golden Sun of Hope

August 18, 2020, Tuesday, 9 am. Phil. time

We change the story of the world When we change the storyline.

Almost everything that happens in the world is not bad. It is neutral, and much of it is even good.

But why do we hear only of bad and the sad? Because bad news sells? This has made all of us stressed, depressed, hopeless, and helpless. No, we are not helpless!

We can change the story of the world if we change the storyline: from bad to good. We can change the narrative from negative to positive.

Please join us in this journey to search for good stories. Together, we will shine the spotlight on the good, the right, and the bright. Together and today, when it is most needed, let us spread enchanted energy and happy hope.

A good story has the power to inspire and set hearts on fire.

Hope you can join us in a memorable moment.

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