Public Statement On The June 6: Launch Of The Food Gardens Movement

Citizens and Government are joining hands to launch a food gardens campaign throughout the Philippines.

The Covid crisis today shows our food insecurity because food has been turned  into money.

To correct this fault, concerned citizens are trying to secure their basic nutritional needs.  Youth leaders of the I am Climate Justice (ICJ) Movement —  in cooperation with the Earth Day Network-Phil., the Department of Agriculture (DA), other non-government organizations and concerned citizens —  will  begin a food gardens movement.

On June 6, 2020, Saturday, Filipinos are invited to join  the launch of the movement. Those interested may have their pictures taken while planting vegetables in pots, in plastic containers or in their gardens. And then they can post their pictures  on social media with the hashtag #foodgardens.

June 6 is an important day in world history. It is Normandy D-Day, the day the Allied Forces launched a massive invasion against the tyranny that threatened the free world. The June 6, 2020 launch of the food gardens movement is symbolic of the people’s peaceful invasion against the tyranny of hunger and extreme poverty. 

Convergence and Partners

This campaign was already started by youth leaders in the town of Sta Fe in Bantayan Island, Cebu. “Children and future generations have the greatest stake, and will suffer extreme hunger if we go on with the way we are. Let us not just give food to our people.  Let us learn to grow our own food,” said JL Contento, a youth leader from Bantayan Island.  The town’s local government is also cooperating with the Social Welfare Department’s 4Ps Program for the beneficiaries to join the movement. 

“There is no reason for Filipinos to be hungry. We are blessed with good weather, rich soil, and abundant rain.  We only need a little effort to grow our own vegetables,” said Nicole Ponce, a youth organizer from Cebu.  “We will tap the great Filipino spirit of Bayanihanbayan – community and cooperation, bayani – hero. Bayanihan – community and cooperative heroism,” she added.

The campaign has two modes:   One is individual food gardens in backyards, in pots, and disposable containers that would have been thrown away as garbage.  The second is community food gardens along roadsides and vacant government lots. This is allowed by Law (Executive Order 774, Sec. 12, 2008).

The Movement envisions food gardens to become a permanent part of the post-Covid world. “Governments and political leaders come and go, but the need for food and nutrition is forever,” said Valerie Fajardo, a Metro Manila-based youth leader. A list of the participants is being prepared.  If you wish to join, please send your name and  the place where you will plant to or to (+63) 906.494.0858. If planting materials are needed, participants can be connected to the DA regional offices.

Contact Persons:

Paulo Burro (0917.504.2415)
Nicole Ponce (0995.539.7081)
May 14, 2020

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