Meeting with researchers from the National University of Colombia: perspectives on peace, the environment and the rights of future generations

Víctor Tafur, Bernd Marquardt, Mariela Sánchez, Humberto Torres, Luis Miguel Gutiérrez, Catalina Toro, Ivonne León, Pablo Reyes, Claudia Pineda, and Emilie Gaillard.

Meeting between the Chair’s research team and the main research professors in this field:

  • Humberto Torres, Dean of the Faculty of Law at the National University.
  • Catalina Toro, Research Professor, Doctor of Legal Sociology and Political Institutions.
  • Mariela Sánchez, Research Professor, Doctor of Peace, Conflict and Development Studies.
  • Bernd Marquardt, Research Professor, Doctor of Law.
  • Ivonne León, Research Professor, Political scientist, holder of a Master’s degree in Law.
  • Pablo Reyes, Research Professor, Doctor of Political Studies and International Relations, holder of a Master’s degree in Law.

The meeting with the Dean of Law and fellow researchers in the following areas: Political Science, Psychology, Law, Political Ecology, took place with a view to working together on the issues of peace, transitional justice and the environment, and the relationship between society and law.

The outcome of this meeting was a proposal for scientific collaboration between the Normandy Chair for Peace and the National University in the areas of Environmental Law and Future Generations, Transitional Justice, Sustainable Development and Education for Peace.

According to the Dean, the University will also contribute by considering the connection between academia and civil society through outreach activities. The goal is to go beyond the mere production of knowledge. Since the University has a high degree of scientific autonomy, multiple opportunities for collaborative creation in all of the aforementioned areas could be envisaged.

 Catalina Toro is in support of a collaborative relationship with the Chair for several reasons. She explains that “during the peace agreements in Colombia and in South America, the environmental issue is not present. This is something that the Normandy Chair for Peace can reinforce, as it promotes integration of the idea of Peace with the Earth”. There has been increasing interest in the environment since the advent of climate change, as well as allegations against the acts of indigenous leaders and the appearance of defenders of the earth. This environmental issue is key to the mission and vision of the Chair.

 This is a key moment to pave the way for new reflections in this period following on from the peace agreements in Colombia. The conflict is not yet over, and this will present great challenges for the transition process. For this reason the Chair represents an important meeting space.

We hope to collaborate in this complex yet highly active process, that is strengthened by contributions from a large number of stakeholders from all areas: institutional, academic and civil society.

Through the development of lines of research and joint projects, the meeting participants concluded that it is possible to work collaboratively to create events, seminars, and various other activities to strengthen the visibility of efforts to promote the idea of Peace with the Earth.

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