Meeting with NGO Dejusticia: a key player in reflection and action following the peace agreement in Colombia

Víctor Tafur, Vanessa Daza, Claudia Pineda, Luis-Miguel Gutiérrez, Emilie Gaillard.

Meeting with Vanessa Daza Castillo, a lawyer in Colombia and coordinator of environmental justice at Dejusticia. Work in this area is focused on issues such as participation in environmental matters, specifically the decision-making processes in extractive industries, as well as climate change and deforestation. Dejusticia promotes the defence of indigenous and peasant communities’ rights in all of these areas.

Vanessa highlighted that efforts are being made to bring together the different issues concerned with the peace process, transitional justice and environmental law. In this way, the areas of environmental justice and transitional justice at the centre would be closely linked.

The director of the research project entitled “Peace, transitional justice and environmental issues”, Victor Tafur, stressed the possibility of drawing on the Colombian process in order to bring together the various lines of work within the Normandy Chair for Peace. This would enable new opportunities for interdisciplinary reflection around the possible scenarios following the peace agreement.

 This is a key moment, both for reflection upon how to address environmental issues in the Colombian context, and for action to promote peace with the Earth and the rights of future generations. For this reason, the Chair will seek to support efforts already in place, not only academically but also with real action.

Creating projects alongside organisations such as Dejusticia would not only allow us to learn from the work of local stakeholders, but would also give us the opportunity to contribute to the development of peace processes both in Colombia and around the world, from the multidisciplinary perspective of the Normandy Chair for Peace.

In the coming months, we will continue to explore opportunities for collaboration and mutual learning with stakeholders involved in peace processes. Building a sustainable future together will be key going forward, so that by finding Peace “with” the Earth, we can together achieve Peace on Earth.

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