Octobre 2020

  • 23 october: international symposium Animal sensitivity. Legal approaches and transdisciplinary issues
    This international symposium, hosted by the MRSH, is organised under the auspices of the Normandy Chair for Peace, with support from the Institut Demolombe, from Caen la Mer and the University of Caen Normandy.
  • 1-3 October: The 3rd World Peace Forum
    – Antonio Oposa, Leader of the Chair, spoke to young people participating in the Walk the Global Walk programme which focuses on SDG 13.
    – Émilie Gaillard, General Coordinator of the Chair, led the debate “Amazonia: a global issue”, alongside Gert-Peter Bruch (Planet Amazon). The participants were able to hear the first hand account of Ninawa (live from the Amazon) as well as contributions from Céline Cousteau (environmental activist and documentary filmmaker) and François Michel Le Tourneu (geographer, CNRS).
  • Publication of the book Legal actions for Future Generations (Peter Lang)

Septembre 2020

Meetings on sustainable development (Les rencontres du développement durable)
Round table #3 “Partager la Terre, rendons la justice” (Share the planet, deliver justice) with Emilie Gaillard, General Coordinator of the Normandy Chair for Peace

August 2020

Launch of the Good stories movement by Antonio Oposa

June 2020

  • 3 – 5 June: Participation of the Chair in the World Peace Forum.
  • 9 -10 June: Organization of an international colloquium in partnership with WCEL and ICEL – Mucem, Marseille.
  • 11 – 19 June: Participation in the IUCN World Conservation Congress, Marseille.
  • Three sessions are organized in partnership with the Chair: Antonio Oposa Jr. Moot Court (led by David Forman), legal indicators for the effectiveness of environmental law (led by Michel Prieur), transgenerational approaches to the ethics of rights and responsibilities (co-led by Emilie Gaillard).

April 2020

4 – 10 April: Workshop on legal indicators under the direction of Professor Michel Prieur and Leila Chikhaoui at Tunis Univerity.

A month of meetings between Antonio Oposa Jr. and regional stakeholders: la Région Normandie, CNRS, University of Caen, students. Objective: to increase involvement in the Chair (student projects for the coming years, improved educational resources with the International Institute for Human Rights (2IDHP).

March 2020

  • 23 – 28 March: Participation in the 2nd World Environmental Law Congress of the IUCN World Commission on Environmental Law (WCEL):
  • Presentation in plenary session by Emilie Gaillard of the 1st book published by the Chair: Legal Actions for Future Generations (Peter Lang 2020).
  • Official validation of the partnership between the WCEL and the Chair (proposal submitted and supported by the current Chair, Antonio Benjamin).
  • Networking with magistrates, lawyers and academics who specialize in environmental law.

26 – 29 March: Participation and networking from Antonio Oposa Jr. and Claudia Pineda at the 8th International Convention for Environmental Laureates, Freiburg (Germany).

30 – 31 March: 2nd research seminar on legal indicators (MRSH Caen).

  • Meeting with regional organizations and services – Meeting with the Director of the forêt domaniale de Cerisy (Cerisy National Forest), field research and drafting of a questionnaire.
  • Preparation of a questionnaire on the legal effectiveness of SDG number 14 (Oceans).

30 March: Arrival of Antonio Oposa Jr. in Normandy for a stay of 2 and a half months.

  • 1 October, 2019: The time for talk is over
    Lecture by Tony Oposa in la Région Normandie
  • 21 October, 2019: Sanctuarization of forests: meeting – debate with indigenous leaders / conservationists
  • November 2019: Colloquium organized by Ben Boer on the topic of ecological civilization (China)
    Participation from Prof. Robinson: presentation of the Chair and its work.
  • 21 November: The problem of Peace
    Conference organised by Normandy for Peace and Columbia University.
    Attended by Hervé Morin, President of Normandy; François-Xavier Priollaud, Vice-President of Normandy and Katarina Fischer Kuh, Director of Environmental Law Programs at Pace University, (New York), who presented the Normandy Chair for Peace.
  • 22 – 23 November 2019 : Legal Indicators for the Law of Future Generations
    Workshop organized by Michel Prieur and Emilie Gaillard
  • 5 December, 2019: Screening of Terra libre (by Gert-Peter Bruch) at the National Museum of Anthropology in Madrid
    Organized by the Normandy Chair for Peace and the Rivers Project (Carlos III University, Madrid)
  • 6 December, 2019: Minga Indígena (Side event COP 25, Madrid)
    Our house is in flames. Sanctuarization and reforestation, initiatives to avoid devastation.
    With participation from Emilie Gaillard.
  • 9 December 2019: Global ocean governance to strengthen national commitments on oceans (Side event COP 25, Madrid) Organized by the International Centre for Comparative Environmental Law (CIDCE, France), the Research Centre on Climate and Resilience (CR2, Chile), the Scripps Institution of Oceanography (University of California San Diego) and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Chile.
    With participation from Emilie Gaillard
  • 11 december: Presentation of the Normandy Chair and the “I am Climate Justice (ICJ)” movement at the Instituto Empresa, by Tony Oposa.
  • 12 December: Climatic Loss and Damage and Environmentally Displaced Persons (Side event COP 25, Madrid)
    Session on strengthening the human rights of IDPs through existing tools and on the urgency of starting negotiations to adopt an international convention recognizing the legal status of climate refugees.
    Speakers : Shamim Arfeen (AOSED, Bangladesh), Abdul Awal (NRDS, Bangladesh), Agnès MICHELOT (SFDE, France), Émilie Gaillard (Normandy Chair for Peace, France), Augustina Rodriguez Saa (Universidad Nacional de los Comechingones).
  • 12 December: Pathways to the Future: The Law for Next Generations and Scenarios for Decarbonizing the Earth (Side event COP 25, Madrid)
    Organized by ICEL (International Council of Environmental Law), IUCN World Commission on Environmental Law, UC3M and Instituto Pascual Madoz (UC3M).
    With participation from Tony Oposa « Changing the story : The Normandy Chair for Peace…with the Earth » and Emilie Gaillard « COP25 and the Law for Future Generations ».
  • 13 December, 2019: The human rights of climate refugees and the environmentally displaced (Side event COP 25, Madrid)
    Organized by the International Centre for Comparative Environmental Law (CIDCE), an international NGO with special consultative status with ECOSOC, accredited by the United Nations Environment Assembly, along with its subsidiary bodies and an official partner of the OIF (International Organisation of La Francophonie).
    With the participation of Tony Oposa and Émilie Gaillard “The transformation of human rights in the light of climate justice on a trans-spatial and trans-temporal scale”.

February 2020

Launching research in the area of transitional justice as it relates to environmental issues :

  • Field research in Colombia from 15th – 25th February (meetings and workshops at the University of Bogota, with the Human Rights Ombudsman).
  • Preparatory meetings for the organization of the first World Conference on Peace with the Earth: Representative of the UNESCO Office for Latin America, Indigenous Peoples (Khogis…).
  • Preparatory meeting with the Human Rights Ombudsman, in his role as President of the General Assembly of the Human Rights Defenders (GANHRI 2020 Annual Meeting), with a view to preparing a side event in mid-March at the United Nations in Geneva.
  • 26 September 2019: Workshop on a Climate Change Advisory Opinion by the International Court of Justice, with participation from Tony Oposa
  • September 2019: The Time for Talk is Over : Climate justice for Future generations
    Speeches by Tony Oposa in several American universities
    • Pace University, 10 September
    • Columbia, 10 September
    • Harvard, 16 September
    • Boston University, 17 September
  • 4 – 9 August 2019: 17th Annual Colloquium of the IUCN Academy of Environmental Law (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
    • Announcement of the Normandy Chair for Peace With David Forman and Emilie Gaillard
    • Organization of the 5th Tony Oposa Intergenerational Moot Court (David Forman)
  • 4 July, 2019: Conference on the Rights of Future Generations in the 21st Century (University of Laguna) Speech by Emilie Gaillard (Normandy Chair for Peace) on the Rights of Future Generations.
  • July 2019: Environmental Law and Future Generations: Hawaii and Beyond (Meijo University, Japan) David Forman Lecture (Normandy Chair for Peace)
  • July 2019: Raging River(s): High and Law Islands TUGETA with Island Earth, Making Our Final Stand(s) (University of the South Pacific in Vanuatu) Lecture by David Forman
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